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Dog's keen sense
Make more bearable
Some red wines, for short
Land divided in 1945
Race on a strip
Undulating dance
Sun-worshipping couple's motto?
"Listen up!"
Oater "necktie"
Down with a bug
Nitpicky sort
Like our numerals
Mount the soapbox
Transportation for the base honcho?
Mary Kay of cosmetics
Overdo the dramatics
McKellen who played Gandalf
Conference room fixture
"American Pie" singer McLean
Brussels swindle?
Sculptor's medium
On-the-sly meetings
Set an upper limit on
Yearbook sect.
Three Tenors selections
Ancient Aegean islanders
Seaside laundry hamper?
"Breathing Lessons" novelist Tyler
What the pretentious put on
When doubled, a Washington city
Vientiane's land
Musical comedy with Lea Michele
Get some sack time
Aspen gear
Speck in one's eye
Longtime Harper's Bazaar illustrator
Remini of "Kevin Can Wait"
Place for a pedal boat
Ford flop that's collectible now
Bonsai or origami
Dust-creating tool
Diva's problem, perhaps
Order from a menu
Volt, Tesla and 6-Down
Bored with it all
Not as wacky
HLN anchor Hill
Letter-shaped hardware item
Geographic areas
Hardly within walking distance
Like sharp cheddar
San ___ (Riviera resort)
Auth. unknown
Quinella or exacta
Hot-under-the-collar feeling
Summoned the butler
Lender's security
Primer material
Parking meter feature
Coop layers
Road crew goo
"___ luck?"
Physique, informally
"No harm, no foul"
Word separators
John who wrote "Roundball Rock"
Plotting group
Subject of naming rights, perhaps
Rudolf Serkin's instrument
Salon treatment
Much AM radio fare
Emphatic type (Abbr.)
Up to the task
Lake Nasser's river
Rice Krispies sound
Do a supermarket task
"Diminutive," in rap names
"___ we there yet?"

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