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Stare slack-jawed
Tiny bit
Striker's replacement
Realtor's measure
Improvement in relations
Vowel with an "uh" sound
Con man's swindle
Green shampoo brand
Dispenser treat
Makes public
John who co-founded Monty Python
Pod in Cajun cookery
Draws back, with "away"
Four pecks
Law firm VIPs
Diarist Nin
NFL stadium named for a jeans brand
Giggle syllable
Home to a Minuteman
Sponge features
Honor in a big way
"We're sinking!"
Hoops position
Feature of President Grant or Hayes
Right away
Statements of belief
Flubs, as a fly ball
Campus area, for short
Dance chaperones, e.g.
Read, but don't post
Place for a facial
Count with an orchestra
Tower of London guard
Caused a mascara smear, say
Dirty old man
Building with a "broad side"
The Zealots, e.g.
From the top
Event featuring new technology, maybe
(The horror!)
Aspercreme target
Head honcho, in tabloids
Fish caught in a pot
Clara Bow's nickname, with "the"
"Gone With the Wind" surname
Caps with pompoms, for short
Blow away, so to speak
Replaceable iPhone part
Green Bay Packers fan
Saddlers' tools
Straw unit
Cheerleaders' moves
They may be formed by dams
Matthews of "Hardball"
Xenia's locale
In the cloud, perhaps
Low men at the opera
ACLU part
Percussion-rich Latin genre
"Roar" singer Katy
Old, but new again
Nursery packetful
Acts the couch potato
Smoke signal units
Trough filler
Like children in Mensa
Avoid a collision, perhaps
"What's in a name?" speaker
Teen's deadline
Londoner's line
Tot's basics
Have the backbone
Bolshevik Trotsky
Classic label in Memphis soul
Cop's collar
New Yorker cartoonist Peter
Bit of intimate attire
"The Simpsons" grandpa

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