Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 12th 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

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Cultural pursuits
Washing machine cycle
Foppish neckwear
Scottish landholder of old
Vegging out
Minstrel's instrument
Quieted, with "down"
Tariff or asset freeze, e.g.
"Bambi" collectible
Create seams
Shortens or lengthens, say
Texas Hold 'em prize
Grandkid's term of affection
Message sent with a click
High on the hwy.
Acted the fink
Not much of a challenge
Roller coaster feature
Freeway division
Jose Altuve, three times
Pork cut
Kid-lit brute
Is worthy of
Morn's opposite
Polar bear's hangout
"I'm mad!"
"Don't admit to anything!"
Internet delay
Maritime call for help
Gridder in the secondary
Newscaster's bias
Join the game, in a way
Minstrel's instrument
Beginning of the back nine
Fab Four first name
From square one
Gyro wraps
Apple Watch downloads
Boaters and bowlers
Uses a letter opener on
Petco Park player
Acquired relative
Be lacking in
Raring to go
Blue shade
Struggling with a decision
Job detail, for short
Fifth-century invader
"Go ahead, ask!"
Product for dusting electronic gear
Ace's value, at times
Cruz of Texas
Bacterium in tainted food
"Delta Dawn" singer Tucker
Go longer than expected
Highway department installations
Brad of "The Big Short"
Pearl's outer covering
Tennis star on a U.S. stamp
Receded, as the tide
Light purple shade
Wedding party member
Kellogg's waffle brand
Train with Rocky, say
Nick of "Hotel Rwanda"
Bottleneck cause, often
Some vodka purchases
Judges' attention-getters
Gossipy sort
Grinned broadly
Amenity with hot rocks
Largish combo
Reports with a 56-Across
Vintners' valley
Start of a gridiron play
Additive sold at AutoZone
Hawaiian greeter's offering