Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 14th 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Fiend's doings
Cause of stomach pain
Put on Facebook
Pencil-and-paper puzzle
"Another thing . . ."
Brewpub buy
Orchard worker
Ark complements
War ender
Voiced a refusal
Like a punk rocker's hair, perhaps
Contacts-wearer's solution
Drivetrain part
Gooey mass
Patchwork spread
Isn't joking about
Rejuvenation spots
Took the title
Drop into a dumpster
Window treatment option
Shelf-sitter of kid-lit
Walks through muck
Rugged, as a cliff
Aluminum bat sound
Gathering clouds, to some
Sporting road grays, say
Babies in pouches
Cat or top hat, in Monopoly
Not in the team photo
Start of Ali Baba's command
Improves the fit of, perhaps
Like a fishhook
Clean with a whisk
Hit a three-pointer, say
Sign of fright or cold
Feb. 14 bouquet bloom
Non-neutral particle
Inhale and exhale
Julia, to Emma Roberts
Fore-and-aft-rigged boat
Fan's fave
Delivered one-liners, e.g.
What this puzzle's title suggests
Firefly or ladybug
"That's clear"
"Once more!"
McEntire with three Grammys
George who created Darth Vader
Powder in printers
Jock's antithesis
Spread awkwardly
Word before money or mark
Breaker of a mental block
Roger with a famous thumb
Black Friday scenes
Shade similar to cyan
Epps of "Shooter"
Out of room
Duckling's home
Dish with a seasoned broth
Where spokes converge
South-of-the-border "Bravo!"
Put through a sieve
Holiday-season staffers, for short
Watermelon shape, often
Egg carton datum
Got extra sack time
Kevin of "Horrible Bosses"
Many an accordion tune
Speed, to a ballplayer
Campfire recitation
Favorable factors
In a fit of pique
Gulf of ___ (Yemen's waters)
Copycat's order, with "the"
One-and-one-half-turn rink leap
Hairdos at Woodstock