Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (March 29th 2017) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Airport annoyance
"Hold your horses!"
Ark unit
"Buenos Aires" musical
Goldie of "Cactus Flower"
Hendrix hairdo
Picture frame feature
Do exactly right
World Cup cheer
American Girl purchase
Having a frog in one's throat
Hamlet, for one
Like al dente pasta
Light breakfast, perhaps
Made public
"The Maltese Falcon" actor
Freezer bag feature
Common bar mixer
Wipe the floor with, so to speak
Toaster's need
Much of the time
Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g.
Totally absorbed
Take potshots
Forwards a Twitter posting
Like some ornate evening bags
Boardwalk treats
Shopaholic's mecca
Weapon heard in "1812 Overture"
Tadpole's breathing organ
In a funk
Arkin of "Argo"
Patti the Platypus or Garcia the Bear
Trevi Fountain locale
Like superfans
Biathlete's need
Antelope playmates of song
Strong desires
Jouster's ride
How-to presentation, for short
Bad to the bone
Lo-cal, in ads
Polished off
Running back's stat
Alternative to skim or 2 percent
Flag down
BYOB part
Homes for industrious bugs
Waterway on an isthmus
Worship from ___
"Body of Lies" author Johansen
Auditioner's goal
"Fear of Flying" author Erica
Smelter input
Nyquist, in 2016
Meal fit for a king
Companion of wiser
Like Erik the Red
Blow one's top
Enjoys, as benefits
Unite in secret
Saw socially
Pallet pieces
Where Cheeseheads root
Clouseau portrayer Peter
Prefix with footprint or friendly
Indonesian resort island
Is bothered by
Hallmark item
Hand soap additive
Birth certificate datum
Dieter's unintended result
Partner of sound
Up to the task
Like purple hair
Holiday preceder
Drill insert