Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 16th 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

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Extreme sorrow
Better than never, it's said
Baldwin who lampoons Donald
Birthday party feature
Energy bill figure
Serpent's place, in Genesis
Spreadable cheese
Tough situations
"Carmen" or "Elektra"
December tune
Handsome youth of myth
Where to buy prints
Lancaster of "Elmer Gantry"
Seize unlawfully
". . . ___ finest hour"
Remove, as a splinter
Rogue computer in "2001"
Like early rap
Aerobics class move
Pound of poetry
"Wheel of Fortune" category
Former German chancellor Helmut
Prefix with drome or space
Depressed mood
Showroom item
National League division
Business sign abbr.
Feeling associated with a 34-Down
Unpleasant dental procedure
Florida city, for short
Horn blasts
Regret deeply
Aardvark's fare
Church dignitary
Deep-fried carnival treat
Norse god of thunder
Pickpocket, e.g.
Place for a mani-pedi
Houston ballplayer, casually
Unmanned aerial assault
Storyboard panel
Drummer's rhythm
Homebuilder's buy
More in a 28-Down
Envelope flap dampener
Legally at fault
Poisonous shrub, perhaps
Dance in 3/4 time
Can't put up with
Virus in a West African outbreak
Zoloft alternative
Band-Aid competitor
Cream of the crop
Jib or spanker
Jan who painted skittle players
SASE part
Dull sound of impact
Like a rasp, as files go
Bulb in soups
Cornball TV show with Buck Owens
Pompous one's attribute
Kindle Fire competitor
Does a winter airport job
Something to bend or lend
"Fiddling" tyrant
Body-scanning org.
Like brainwaves
"___ in favor . . ."
Tennis server's miscue
Dirty old man
Frat recruiting drive
Sharpened, as a skill
Border upon
Big name in faucets
Depart hastily
"Can't deny that"
Woman in a priory