Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 26th 2017) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Bloom with hairlike growths
Highest Boy Scout rank
Cards above deuces
Deal-killing responses
BB propellant
Excessive hurry
El Chapo, to Joaquin Guzman
Diamond in Peter Sellers movies, with "the"
Chinese lap dog, briefly
Calamari source
Composer's creation
Jazz combo instruments
Dances to Cab Calloway music, say
UV ray-blocking gas
Factions in turf wars
Entry on a social calendar
Common summer camp locale
Topping for deviled eggs
Tourists' neckwear, perhaps
Sound at a shearing
Restaurant chalkboard listing
Terse response to "Why?"
Horatio who created Tattered Tom
Vampires' targets
Swarming pest
Stick up
Homage in verse
Blaster's supply
"Many moons ___ . . ."
Get under the skin of
Bill who sells "Science Is Universal" T-shirts
Join the office pool
Paper cup brand
Gate receipts
Minnelli of "Arthur"
Mind-to-mind messaging, for short
Covered with glassphalt, e.g.
Leslie of "Gigi"
Tails off
Whipping up
Cocktail party trayful
Joker and Riddler, to Batman
Place for vows
Subject of some splicing
Wee bit
Big name in 41-Down, once
Get the point
About to explode
Miss one's exit, say
Aids in a caper
Guy's square dance partner
Feed, as a furnace
Sport ___ (versatile vehicle)
Place for pampering
Symbolic barrier named by Churchill
"This tastes awful!"
Graph points denoted (0,0)
Restaurant's summoning device
Smears frosting on
Approximate flight hr.
Fix, as a horse race
Show contempt toward
Places for seaside strolls
For face value, as a stock
Be among the cast of
Appendage that a barber might nick
Hearty enjoyment
Like most crossword diagrams
Stereotypically green creatures
The Home Depot array
Day trip, say
Marley or Old Yeller
Walks off
Factor in wine pricing
Forefront, as of innovation
Like the worm-catching bird
Major advances
More mirthful