Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 6th 2018) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Salvador with dreamlike paintings
Tub toy
Seven Sisters college
Site for buying or selling vinyl
Name on a rap sheet
Drink like a dog
iPhone downloads
They're split with axes
Monarch's domain
Sets a price at
Having the know-how
Soviet Union, to Reagan
Hip to
Aproned cow in ads
Sulky puller's pace
Dryer outlet
100 centavos
"Ain't happening!"
Wished undone
Cleveland's waterfront
Earner of at least 21 merit badges
Like a lob's path
Red Monopoly pieces
Hoof-on-pavement sound
Jane portrayed by Anna Paquin
Thieves' hangouts
Polynesian figurine
"Fire away!"
Cochlea locale
Wray of "King Kong"
Brother of George W.
Ott of Giants fame
Certain, as a victory
Protector of internal organs
Slings mud at
In need of liniment
Like poorly prepared fries, say
"Stormy Weather" singer Horne
Trevi throw-in of old
Hog's portion
Fraught with risk
Boorish sort
Tithed portion
Obedience school command
Be a witness to
River of Pisa
Become threadbare
Celeb's transport, maybe
Boxing's "Louisville Lip"
Uses a swizzle stick
Bowie's rock genre
Really bug
Plotter in "Othello"
Cornea-reshaping surgery
Spheroid in fried rice
Slow as molasses
Early Roman historian
"Who's on First?" straight man
Polygon calculation
Toxic metal in paint, once
On a winning streak, say
Epiphanies, and what the starts of 17- and 37-Across and 11- and 28-Down may be
Imelda Marcos collection
Enjoy a staycation
Group with a black and white flag
Lacking a tenant
Roget's abbr.
Carson's Carnac, e.g.
Penultimate fairy tale word
Lead-in to a holiday
Apt to gab
Loud, like the surf
Like "King Kong" in 2005
Range crossed by Hannibal
Parts of some English exams
Fare in a sty
Fuss, to the Bard
Made level