Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 9th 2017) clues of USA Today crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Seacrest's partner in TV talk
C major chord, e.g.
Striker's bane
Cupid, to the Greeks
Garlicky topping for fish
Deli scale figure
Personalized beer holders, perhaps
Kazan who directed Brando
Iroquois Confederacy tribe
Gloria with the signature song "Conga"
Word before firma or alba
Cap'n Crunch, for one
Peaty wasteland
Company that developed nylon
Tree trimmer's excision
Subjects of sob stories
LSU mascot
Landfill emanation
Fudd of cartoons
First name in scat
"McSorley's Bar" painter John
Missile housing
___ on (put trust in)
Motion detector, e.g.
Keep, as a garden
Satisfies, as thirst
Bay Lake, Florida, theme park
"Open sesame!" speaker
Danes of "Homeland"
Mineral used in insulation
Decoration for heroic service
School founded by Henry VI
Lotte who sang Kurt Weill songs
Yellow Monopoly bills
Fire off
PC key with an arrow
Word after cutting or leading
Transplant, in a way
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories
Home run hitter's asset
Up and about
Plantation of fiction
Crater's edge
Letters on a chit
Rags-to-riches author Horatio
Bad-mouthed, slangily
Atlantic City amusement park
Pod newborn
Domingo delivery
Pinto or fava
Dutch dairy export
Like a tightrope
Becomes less cordial
Religious recluse
Part of 7-Down
Make goo-goo eyes at
Dickens' Miss Trent
Breakfast-in-bed need
Blot on a pitcher's record
Killing time
Any of Jupiter's 60+
Oktoberfest group
Monica with nine Grand Slam titles
Wood of the Rolling Stones
French Quarter city, informally
"Great unwashed"
One of the Carpenters
Scrapbooker's adhesive
Praised, as for valor
Bornean ape, for short
To the point
City north of Des Moines
Lo-cal Miller brew
Android screen image
Ivan the Terrible, for one
Thunder Bay's prov.
"Bill ___ Saves the World" (Netflix series)