Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (August 17th 2017) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

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Groom for a long time
Study of symbols
Perry's top reporter
Hardly assertive
Take in
Capitalist way
His New York Times obit called him 'a cranky voice of CBS'
Temple fixture
'Give it ___!'
City of Saxony
Put on some concealer, say
Hygienist's request
'O ___ babbino caro' (Puccini aria)
Track direction
Put out, in a way
Closes on
Indispensable item
Tries for a part
Cold shower
Individuals in Arles
Tudor symbol
Comic strip character in a striped shirt
'Right back ___!'
Salmon topping, at times
It has a supporting role
Two-wheeled carriage
Contented comment
'Voulez-Vous' band
Jordan River's endpoint
Seneca's student
Untouched area
Delivery person?
Knight's title, in Westeros
Shark's offering
Vegas offering
Dept. of Educ. concern
8:15, e.g
Love of TV's 'The Real'
Slight variations
What you might take to relax
Donald's portrayer on 'SNL'
Made one's case
___ Lingus
End of a slide, at times
Mideast monarchy
Estate employee
Adviser to Henry VIII
Milan-based label
Mink's Himalayan cousin
Fife fellow
As soon as
Noisily energetic
Oven cleaner ingredient
Float along
Baseball's Blyleven
Ollie's ally
'Hold on...'
Former Texan senator Phil
Strikeout stars
Basic cell structure?
Onetime Reebok subsidiary
'Our Town' setting
Bring about
Strong cotton variety