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'The dismal'st day is this that ___ I saw': Titus Andronicus
'___ you!'
1935's Airstream and 1946's Diplomat
At the same time
Available at the farmers' market, say
Avis subsidiary
Back on board
Ballpark figures
Barinholtz of 'Sisters'
Bass connections
Beverage brand since 1905
Bird whose varieties include military and hyacinth
Brioni buy
British title of Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises'
Cardigan, e.g
Check out
Code carrier, at times
Cub's dream
Cyrano feature
Dance to some thrash metal
Darling friend
Driving need
Einstein, in 1933
End of the quote
Eon subdivision
Fire up
Give a second chance, in a way
Have a restless night
Hide from the cops, e.g
Hook helper
It may help you get a grip
Language of the Gypsies
Last name in Thimble Theatre comics
Latin pop singer with the 2010 song 'Otro Amor'
Litter container
Make whole
Mason's tool
Meditation mantras
Milky Way ingredients
More than misleads
Mystical gathering
Nouvelle-Guinee, par exemple
On any occasion
One-named singer who sang with the Velvet Underground
Org. formed by a 1955 merger
Oscar nominee for 'The Prince of Tides'
Part 2 of the quote
Part 3 of the quote
Part 4 of the quote
Patriarchy rulers
Pinch for le chef
Radiant quality
Rebel Robert
Run off
Set off
Soccer's Hamm
Sound sight
Start of a culinary quote by Dave Barry
Start of an Italian count
Stretching muscle
Supermodel Lima
Tell target
The San Jose Sharks wear it
TV character with red fur
TV show focused on the Lyon family
Wages less overtime
What 'they say our love won't pay,' according to Sonny & Cher
Works on walls
You can dish it out