Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 19th 2013) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 136 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Ethically neutral
Like judges off the bench
Like some martinis
Line score letters
No later than, informally
Little angels
Pest in a nest
Lucy of 'Elementary'
No. preceder on an envelope
Mirthful Martha
Petrol unit
NY neighbor
Plasterer's strip
Money exchange premium
Obi-Wan's apprentice
Muse of lyric poetry
Police drummer Stewart
National park whose name means 'the high one'
Occasion of good cheer
Psychologist Fromm
Celebration for Mexican geologists?
Celebration for greasy spoon cooks?
Celebration for prolific NHL scorers?
Celebration for those who harp on things?
Celestial sphere supporter
Celebration for wet-weather racers?
Computer game set in an island world
Celebration of landmark court decisions?
Appetite killer
'Fight of the Century' loser
'I'll do it'
Arizona alternative
Auden's birthplace
'This tastes awful!'
B.D. of 'SVU'
'Waiting for the Robert ___'
Berry from Detroit
AA offshoot
Bert's buddy
Affectionate address
Big name in kitchenware
35mm camera type
Big name in TV talk
Brainy bunch
'Abou Ben ___'
Raucous bird
React to cold medicine, perhaps
Studio sign
Was noisy at night
Surround with a border
Rick who writes the Percy Jackson books
WBA windup
Role for Ann Sothern in ten films
Sci-fi film extras
What's the ___?' ('Who cares?')
Scraped by
Service org. since 1882
When many get measles vaccines
Shop gripper
Winter warmer
Train line into NYC
Sigher's sentiment
Sounds from a 62-Across
Woman, to Watteau
Southern greeting
Tummy soother
Spring celebration for OPEC members?
You'll see one at first
TV tube emission
State workers
Stock buys
Zealand natives
Vote for a bill
Condition for TV's Monk: Abbr
Contents of some beds
Corporate level
Crack, as a code
Crafty fellow
Formed a froth
Cunard quarters
Cy Young Award winner Hershiser
Game played with 32 men
Dada father
Excited about
Dairy designation
General ___ chicken
Exuberant Spanish exclamation
Denom. that observes the Sabbath on Sat
Girl in a Beach Boys title
Dolores of 'Madame Du Barry'
Fall behind
Donne's equivalent for an island
Gopher-wood craft
First lady
Elementary education, facetiously
Got high
End of a Fred Flintstone cry
Five Norwegian kings
Gretzky, until 1988
Flirted (with)
Capital nicknamed 'Queen City of the Rockies'
Bring on
Causes of pauses
Capital of Chad
Celebration for folks sitting on their duffs?
Casino founder William
Handle roughly
Hardly vibrant
Largest labor union in the USA
It may be cut or paste
In one's arms
Iroquois Confederacy tribe
Like Cheerios
Jessica Simpson's singing sister
Isl. south of Corsica
Hacker's problem
Kafka novel
Island with an area larger than Texas
Humans, e.g
Zuma Beach setting