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'Can anybody hear us?'
'If you say so'
'London Fields' novelist
'Shiny Happy People' band
'The pines,' in sports lingo
'Tristia' poet
Altoids holder
Aware of
Big victory margin
Birthplace of Gerald Ford
Break a yuletide rule
Change for the bettor?
Coil-shaped sausage links?
Corundum, e.g
Couleur du lait
Crew implement
Cuban Missile Crisis org
Cut off
Fare indicator
Garfield's owner
Go in separate directions
Good combatant
He was sworn in by Roberts in January 2006
Highway pull-off attraction
Holyfield rival
Honor for 'Oslo'
Invoice word
Lay out
Lose money
Market research tool
Morphine, e.g
Most of it is filtered these days
Mountain, in Hawaiian
Name in a will
Name on a 2016 winning ticket
Northwest Passage seeker
Number that can never decrease
Only seedy bar in a northwest capital?
Party leader
Patio piece
Pay tribute to
Person dealing with bull?
Primates who specialize in prodding?
Resident of the Realm of the Four Quarters
Revenuers, for short
Roadside chain, familiarly
See 10-Across
Setting filler
Sign of welcome
Sister of Emily and Charlotte
Spicy Chinese cuisine
Symbol of purity
Tear asunder
This might go over your head
Time for a revolution?
Tree of life setting
Trumpet feature
Twins' set
Where Katie Ledecky won four Olympic gold medals
Where kids are sent to disappear?
With 5-Down, 'The Producers' actor
Wolfed down too much of, with 'on'
Word with eye or makeup
Yet to be broken

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