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Skate park sight
Uncommonly bright
Son of Padme and Anakin
"Art is ___ that makes us realize truth": Picasso
Industry event
Dancewear for cross-dressing monarchs?
Seller of the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich
Busy season in Saint-Tropez
Father of Deimos and Phobos
Nittany Lions' sch.
Crush container
Flowers in a butterfly garden
Blond Brahmans?
"Here's the thing..."
"___ you're told!"
"Before and After Science" musician
Observation following a diner explosion?
It might exhibit relief
Rondeau writer
"Antony and Cleopatra" prop
Sleuth on the case of the missing cushion?
Angrily denounce
Struggled against
Patriots' org.
Sister of Dick, in primers
Academy founder
What congressional bills do, for signing or vetoing?
Carnival attractions
Paper piece
Senators Kennedy, Stevens and Cruz
Cash register section
Zen garden tools
Colleague of Kennedy and Ginsburg
Dangerous for destroyers
Coat rack part
Like some networks
Stretch out
Major musical work
Dissenters' answers
Harlem Renaissance novelist Nella
Relieves, as of guilt
Sister company of Zales
High trains
It may use an ornate font
Food with a fold
"Happy Days Are Here Again" composer Milton
Shortly, in verse
Coarse tobacco
Cue for a cock-a-doodle-doo
Head of Hollywood
Sinking signal
Flight feature
Waterfront walk
Roguish sort
Beautiful young fellows
Cedar Rapids setting
Hatching site
Jet stream heading
Houses of lords
Lone Star State sch.
Cicero wrote in it
Draw out
Medicine measures
Jupiter, by another name
Paid player
Fresh quality
"Between My Head and the Sky" musician

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