Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 5th 2013) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Oxford ties
Servers need to clear them
Place in the hold
Rock's ___ Fighters
Prayer from an outdoor enthusiast?
Prunes, perhaps
She was exiled to Aeaea
Raised to the third power
Rake in
Shiloh Natl. Mil. Pk. locale
Saltimbocca ingredient
Short flight
React to a punch
Really bother
Side with
Refrain snippet
Singer-songwriter Jones
Responsibility of the Pentagon's personnel office?
Risked an FCC fine
Singer-songwriter Leonard
Which of two pen points should be cleaned first?
Within, in combinations
Some brothers
Some kitchen work
Unnamed others
Some Swiss watches
Sources of encomia
Upholstery trim
Souvenir from Bavaria
Spendthrift's specialty
Volunteer-seeking question
Sue Grafton's '___ for Lawless'
Surveilling, in a way
Wall angle
Tag lines?
Take back
Weasel's cousin
Tatooine worker
There are two of them on the back of a dime
Where some jeans are tight?
Torah holders
TV's '___ Haw'
Band offering
Arena shout
Barbershop touch-up
ATM button
Big brutes
Attack from the air
Back in the water
Beat, but barely
Bacon bits?
Big do
Bolted down
From, in Frankfurt
Blitzer's goal
Brightest star in Orion
Gather into bundles
Burgundy grape
Bygone player
Cartesian conclusion
Flesh and blood
German gentleman
Field workers
Field rodent
City planner
Gets into the pool
Coffee shop buys
Cones' counterparts
Flipper's feat
Going up, in a way
Dandified dudes
Diploma feature
Focus on the highway, e.g
Distinctive atmospheres
Greet the 'Chances Are' singer with open arms?
Drilling target
For every
Drink like a dog
Group co-founded by Bill W.'s wife
English homework list, for short
Fouled, in a way
EPA concern
Half of a fl. oz
Fertile patches
Binoculars part
Bit of brainwork
Hardly handy
Hawaiian greeting
Like some energy bars
Microbrewery creations
Here, to Henri
High degree
Line from a snowcap catalog?
Minds Mom
Horseman's weapon
House of Lords member
Lionel, after a grueling concert tour?
Moonves of CBS
House work?
Idler's antithesis
List of all one's previous romances?
Negotiation goals
In a secure manner
Magazine for Santiago residents?
Neighbor of Switz
It's hot until it's not
Make a snowboarding jump
Newscast closer
Jeff of 'Lost'
John's running mate
Not speaking to, perhaps
Map overlays
Joule fractions
Like cool cats
Ontario's ___ Canal
Melancholy music
Like sleeping bags and steno pads
'Well, isn't that fancy!'
1983 hit for Duran Duran
According to
'Basic Instinct' weapon
'Funeral Games' playwright
'Roughing It' writer
Adjoining, as a bathroom
2002 Salma Hayek film
'Rubber Duckie' singer
Org. with an Animal Times magazine
Org. at the Citadel
'Arbitrage' star