Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 7th 2018) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 142 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Volunteer-seeking question
Soprano Fleming
Obi-Wan's apprentice
Busted pot grower awaiting arraignment, say?
Like some roads and roofs
Search for prey
Juno's counterpart
Most Yemenis
Okinawan port
March honoree, for short
"Place stamp here," e.g.?
Our planet, to Kepler
MP's concern
Bravia TVs, e.g.
Coup ___
Voice opposition
Fed. accident investigator
Woodworking tools
Record, or, read differently, a hint to this puzzle's theme
"Breaking Bad" product
Reciprocal of sec, in trig
Massage target
Shtick figure
Company dropped from the Dow in 2013
Songwriter Carmichael
Stocking shades
All-time slugging percentage leader
Mex. miss
Willing to try
Compact dive position
Noah's 38-Down?
NBC hit since 1975
Glasgow guy
Writer's reference
Highest-grossing film of all time
Makes, but not easily
Trades gossip
According to
Societal instability
Meaty jellies
Yank's foe
Choice of tickets
Big egg producer
1836 battle site
Scam involving nonstick pans?
Baseball dinger
Pop singer Easton
Unspoiled spots
Intoxicant ingredient: Abbr.
Pulitzer-winning journalist James
"How pretty!"
Results of some IRS audits?
Road sign word
Mafia code of silence
Middle-earth meanie
Conservative columnist Peggy
Gives a heads-up
They go through Xings
Oaty cereal mix
Cheyenne ally
See 81-Across
"You're a riot!"
Turkey's high point
From the top
Shields for fields
"Wedding Bell Blues" songwriter Laura
1998 auto debut
Upright on a field
Strobe light gas
Bubble tea ingredient
Lion, in Swahili
"Holy moly!"
Pendulum sweeps
Go in for another hitch
Was dashing, perhaps
Killing time?
Precious, in Paris
___ de guerre
SWAT protector
Business leader?
Pequod's skipper
Spit take, e.g.
102-Down make
IKEA buys
Worker with a whip
Util. bill item
Common sugar
Easy paces
Accompaniment for a Brit's bangers
Rustic stopover
Throat issue
Cuatro halved
Tail off
Pro ___
Make the grade
Thanks, Hawaiian-style
To distant places
"Chain Gang" singer Sam
Like many early TV broadcasts
Leaves without dressing, at times
Grouchy sort
Nickname for a geezer with exceptional painting skills?
Rustic mailing abbr.
Tectonic slab
Storyboard component
Spiny critter
DOD branch
Missouri basin people
Ad award
Some Texas tycoons
Method: Abbr.
Anglers' baskets
Home of minor league baseball's Aces
Keep safe
Attack a Colorado brewery?
"___-La-La" (Al Green song)
"Stop, I've heard enough!"
Desperate feeling
End for pay
Longtime Yankees announcer Allen
Least iffy
Not clued in
Sit and share tears with a grieving friend?
Co. that launched Dungeons & Dragons
Jackie's second husband
Monopoly buys