Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 9th 2018) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 136 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Grueling test in a Texas city?
Salon goo in a North Carolina city?
"___ Kapital"
Onetime sister publication of "16"
Mineral also called heavy spar
Clytemnestra's mother
FaceTime and Swift Playgrounds, e.g.
"Mayor" writer
Coin's front
Award for Dick Francis
Tiny amounts
Curate's charge
10 on the pain scale
Veto on movie night
2002 Salma Hayek biopic
Social services
Crater Lake location
Music to a masseuse's ears
Father of Kusha and Lava
Co-star of Mariska Hargitay and Peter Scanavino
Spawning grounds of some beluga sturgeon
Cuban immigrants in a Georgia city?
Potential embryo
Fill with cargo
Literature Nobelist Walcott
3:10, e.g.
"A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership" author
Maker of the $157,800 NSX
Fresh quality
Gumshoe's cry
Race goal
Reuben base
Straight through
Sound in Greek but not in German
Came out
Proceeded smoothly
TV western of 1959 to 1963
Merlin Olsen, for his whole NFL career
Defaced, as a car's finish
Mother board?: Abbr.
Forever stamp letters
Peaty places
Daughter of Nut
Long ago
Concert or magic show
Archaeologist's achievements
Weymouth and Turner
Santa ___ (California winds)
Black-and-white swimmers
"Why don't we!"
1974 hit for Mocedades
Recoveries of wrecks in a Nevada city?
McCarthy target
City square
100-cent currency
Early hominid
Some Watergate evidence
Rose garden pests
Sardinians spent them
Arson evidence
Winds up on stage?
Crib call
Melania designation
"Mansfield Park" author
Bibliographer's bit
Was pushy during rush hour
Zorro signatures
Hibernating holes
"There ___ enough hours in the day"
100-centimo currency
Industrious bunch
Jewel holder
Foil's kin
Professional offer?
Last year's frosh
Entry requirement, at times
Censuses conducted in an Arizona city?
Desperate signal
King or queen
Hide from the police, e.g.
Like a Burmese's fur
Level served by a lift
Triglyceride, e.g.
Herd of cattle in a Delaware city?
Popular family card game
Co. with a brown fleet
Walk on water?
Sebastian's twin in "Twelfth Night"
More desirable to collectors
Concert bonuses
First name at New Orleans's NOLA restaurant
Ready to run
Shift shape
Stand-alone publication
"Obey Your Thirst" brand
Moves like a crab
Appealed for
Borrower's burden
Sharif of "Lawrence of Arabia"
Gown designer Wang
Brother of Donald Jr. and Ivanka
Sommer on screen
Bounty rival
Steamed states
Fairy tale baddie
For fear that
Saloon stock
Near eternity
Here, in Le Havre
Homer's pop
Beaujolais descriptor
Decides about, as a motion
Cheyenne allies
Female character of old TV played by a series of male performers
Codeine, e.g.
Territories controlled by a Wisconsin city?
Star of the original Broadway production of "Annie Get Your Gun"
Smart guys
Litter bearer
Offerings at a Massachusetts city diner?
Mentally prepares for a challenge
Brownish pigment