Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (March 26th 2010) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 142 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'Ask ___ questions...'
'Au contraire!'
'Empire' author
'Fuzzy Wuzzy was ___'
'Hoffa' director
'I ___ saw this before': Desdemona
'Impression, Sunrise' painter
'Strait Is the Gate' novelist
'Vox populi, vox ___'
'___ your disposal'
*'Fine by me!'--that sounds like something Mr. Ed might say!
*'The Night of the Hunter' star--his middle names are Charles Durman!
*Cut from the tenderloin--its name means 'dainty cut'!
*Flour-making plant--the Greek geographer Strabo wrote about one!
*High-ranking official--Canada's Leona Aglukkaq is one!
*Midwest metropolis--it has a view of Canada to the south!
*Sources of halite--that's a type of evaporitic deposit!
*White liquid used in cooking--it's called gata in the Philippines!
Animal house
Article of faith
Austen novel
Author O'Flaherty
Bassoon's cousin
Beat back
Beatniks beat them
Best in a hot dog contest
Bobby Clarke, from 1969 to 1984
Brawny competitor
Briefly, a feature of each starred clue, and a chunk of its answer
Camp Swampy canine
Candy wafer brand
Ceremonious verse
Chic, in the 1960s
China's currency unit
Chocolate-caramel candies
City north of Lisbon
Classic baseball variant
Counselor to the Greeks at Troy
Creature on the British coat of arms
Cut in three
Dust jacket hype
Easy gait
El Greco's home
Estimator's phrase
Europe's largest active volcano
Expiration notice
First games of the season
First mate?
Fragrant flowers
Friend's pronoun
Furniture carrier
Game choice
Geometry giant
George who invented a logic system
Got up
Graceful assurance
Home of the Bundestag
Home of the Quakers
Hurricane's cousin
In an unoriginal way
In the worst way
Informal farewell
It became Spike in 2003
It's exposed at low tide
It's just not right
Jai ___
Kentucky college
Kimono sash
Lab act
LeBron's team, on a sports ticker
Like Hercules
Like the familiar shark fin
Mambo legend Puente
Mammoth period?
Manhattan-based fashion co.
Memento ___
Memo heading
Milton Friedman's subj.
Money tray
Move boundaries, perhaps
Move quickly
Napa business
Night school subj.
Ninny's brain size
Notation used for Unix permissions
Nutty snack
Office aide
Online chuckle
Order pizza, maybe
Passes on
PayPal's parent company
Pen holder?
Penultimate letter
Philanthropist Yale
Pigeon patter
Pilaf need
Popular workout
Poster person
Powerball, e.g.
Procrastinator's promise
Rapper Snoop ___
Relieves of weapons
Robert of 'The Sopranos'
Rugby's river
Sausage skin
Scot's family
Short negligee
Some bayou folk
Soothing plant
Statesman who sought Carthage's destruction
Stock exchange?
Sub captain's command
Super Bowl XXXIV champs
Takeoff estimates, for short
Tequila sources
They test reasoning skills: Abbr.
They're tops at Victoria's Secret
Tiger's wife
Tribeca restaurant co-owned by Robert De Niro
Tropical cuckoos
Tweedledum, for one
Vancouver Olympics star Ohno
Voice quality
Was a wheelman for, say
___ du Diable