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'Cryptonomicon' author Stephenson
'For two cents I'd leave the blamed country and never come ___ it agin': Huck Finn
'Here I disclaim all my paternal care' speaker
'The Black Stallion' boy
'We Are Their Voice' org
*Bit of godly graffiti?
*Enthusiasts of newspaper columns?
*Having a fly-by-night cost?
*Rollicking royal?
*Withhold his favorite chew toy?
1966 NL batting champ Matty
80-year-old General Mills cereal
About 17 million square miles
Archaeopteryx descendant
Berlin product
Black Mission or Brown Turkey
Buckeyes' sch
Burmese male
Carry out
Cassette part
City at the north end of the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge
Coding product
Color-changing accessory
Concert hall, e.g
Crimson booer
Footing for birling
Fragrant tree
Galba succeeded him
Gear-shifting control
Gearshift letters, in the order they're shifted in the starred answers
Go lickety-split
Had faith in
Hawked Hawks tickets, say
Hefty rival
Highest suit?
It might be fixed by a plumber
Kentucky Gentleman, for one
Kill time, in a way
King Salman, e.g
LaBeouf of 'Transformers'
Letter resembling a trident
Like the ng sound
Make like a shark
Market measure
Masked, say
May bloomer
Met highlight
Missing, to MPs
Negating link
Newton fraction
One might be on top of the deck
Opie's dad
Painter Rousseau
Peaceful episode
Potpie spheroid
Put together
Real rush
Reason for an R rating
Respectably unadventurous
Rick's old flame
Sarcastic reply
Shoots up
Slicer spot
Soap additive
Status follower
Supreme Court Building architect Gilbert
Sweepstakes fine print listing
Till section
Track star Devers
Trunk, e.g
Worse off

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