Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 29th 2016) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 136 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Patella's place
Peppershrikes and greenlets
Pilot producer
Played the siren
Polonius was killed behind one
Potting soils, for example
Pres.'s domain
Presidential staffer
Pulls down
PX patron
Role for Damon
Roman holidays
Rumor purveyor
Scope user
Semi colon?
Senatorial attire
Set free
Sinatra venue in Vegas
Siren, e.g
Site of the Shalimar Gardens
Some TVs
Sot's sound
Sounds familiar
StubHub owner
Sushi bar tuna
Teaching deg
Term of office
Terra ___
Theater district
They may have it, in Congress
Thin as ___
Trailing behind
Tree with aboveground roots
Turner on turntables
Two 1950s Hollywood sex symbols
Two airports
Two automobiles
Two brothers who founded a Fortune 500 company
Two Ritas
Two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees
Two stars of the 1942 comedy 'The Talk of the Town'
Two-time portrayer of King Henry II
Unclean place
Water damage problem
Wealthy kid of the comics
Weasel cousin
Yet, poetically
'Got it'
'Impression, Sunrise' painter
'___ Town'
'Mork and Mindy' neologism
'Leaving on ___ Plane'
'Nashville' director
1917 newsmaker
1920s blues song that was a 1966 hit for the Animals
Aircraft designer Clyde
Animal that might be mistaken for you
Apple for Apple and target for Target
ATM button
Bag attachments
Berlin brewski
Betamax developer
Bound to get
Business cycle description
Cape near Cod
Check out, in a way
Christmas tree figure
Clotho and her colleagues
Club for country kids
Coffee shop selection
Composer Webern
Crest competitor
Downtown, e.g
Draftable status
Emulate the Mongols
Emulated 63-Down
Entomologist's specimen
Fewer than few
Finish for auditor or consort
Finish for ethyl or methyl
First name in jazz
Frappuccino accessory
Future fly
Gets too large
Greek peak
High point of a European trip
High-topped hairstyle
Historic beginning
Hoops holders, at times
ISIS foe
Jay rival
Jazz singer who's a British dame
Jefferson Starship and Bush
June honorees
Keeps down
KO go-between
Kristen of 'Masterminds'
Light from land
Like many a new car
Lock changer?
Longtime Chicago Symphony maestro
Loose overcoat
Loss signifier
Magic city
Maxim in England, e.g
McDonald in makeup
MLB defensive stat
Mmes. across the Pyrenees
Move like a penguin
Not multiple-choice
NY setting in winter
Ode title starter
Olympic medalist Torres
Org. with a lot of strikes
Organizational rules
Oscar Robertson's nickname
Pac-12 overseer
Particle with a strangeness of +1 or -1