Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 13th 2013) clues of Wall Street Journal crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Kafka theme
Lotte of 'From Russia with Love'
Grenoble's department
Had on
Hand over
Keebler's Ernie, for example
Lowest high tide
Harder to outwit
Kindle competitor
Have no shot at a modeling career?
Make ___ of (muddle)
Hindu princess
Knee ligament often torn by athletes: Abbr
Holiday-free mo
March word
Hydroxyl compound
Look upon with amusement
Innocent ones
Meas. of economic activity
IRA options
Looks after
It's Big in California
Michael of 'Juno'
Its first flight was from Geneva to Tel Aviv
Radio station that held 'The Contest Nobody Could Win'
NFL Hall of Famer Sanders
Pizzeria fixtures
Previously known as
Noise drowned out by vuvuzelas
Print resolution spec
Not so demanding
Pritzker-winning architect Thom
O'Loughlin of 'Hawaii Five-O'
Person with no cause for alarm?
Old Testament book
Quebecois address
Natural light show
One who comes out of the pool
Name associated with 53-Across
Quiet companion
Park with a geodesic sphere
Part of a weatherman's job?
Penny's penny?
Quite bright
California politician Newsom
Capt.'s subordinate
'The Citadel' author A.J
Weigh down the sprinter?
Where to get a flying start?
Woodworking aid
Woodworking aids
Yiddish yarn?
Zappers' targets
___ Army (some golf fans)
___ kwon do
Charged stuff
Cheap cigar, in slang
Dwight beat him twice
Civil rights advocate Wells-Barnett
Firstborn son
E tailers?
Classical rebuke
Close a purse, perhaps
Flatulent fellow?
Company instruction
Conrad and Heller
English wasteland
Gay dating service?
Crash consultant
George W. Bush's Barney, for one
Cry uttered just before jumping on a chair
Dealt with a faulty pilot
Fashion-conscious fellow
Gives a great Yelp review
Decrepit digit?
Dish forerunner
Feature presentation?
Grammys category
Dorm leaders, for short
Fight site
Chip, say
Edinburgh topper
Mr. Clean maker, for short
Milan's Teatro alla ___
Answer to a minister
'Copy that'
Baby shower attendant
'Put ___ Love Song' (Alicia Keys single)
Cardiac cords?
'It's the end of ___'
Baseball dynasty name
'Star Trek' collective
Cat burglar's perch
'The Time Machine' heroine
Baton Rouge sch
'Visions of Cody' writer
Catania lies at its foot
'What up, bro?'
Bring to a boil
'You convinced me'
Chandon's champagne partner
'___ having fun yet?'
'___ kleine Nachtmusik'
1970s-80s baseball All-Star Manny
Algerian port
Business ties?
Animal who may be put out to pasture?
Reaction to King Kong?
The Big Board, for short
Reality TV winner
Treat with a creme filling
Sacred containers
Tied up
Sci-fi author Bova
Treat with a marshmallow filling
Time to employ the French pleasure principle?
Victor at Cold Harbor
Sign of a thick brogue?
Site of 1990s genocide
Vocal improvisation
Smart phone?
To date
Some strike makers
Waffle fries, e.g
Starbuck's job
Strong suit?
Warren's wife
Today's music, to parent's ears
Stylish, once
Suitable street in London?