Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 23rd 2020) clues of Crossword Champ Daily crossword.

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Jeanne ___ (French saint)
Lover of Aeneas
Petit four finisher
Prescription quantity
Suffix with "critic"
"Ten thousand saw ___ a glance": Wordsworth
Speedwriting pros
Mid-millennium year
Priests, briefly
Emphatic ending for yes or no
Tiny to a Scot
"Dragnet" Original
Noble-sounding Gardner
[[IMAGE]](Haz___ut: edible brown nut)
Big galoots
Subsists (on)
The Impaler
Cork's country
___ like hotcakes
Our planet, in Augsburg
Sheep that births
Serve as the basis for
Initials of a crack team?
Hard punch
Expression of astonishment
___ of Sandwich
Well (It.)
Mme., in Madrid
Noble in Numberg
Lets a player go
Gallic girlfriend
Sounds at pounds
Reynolds film ''Rent-___''
You can draw on it anytime
Pair on the scale
Said again
Drive off fans
Mountaineer's worry
Wickerwork basket
Long in movies
Forest units: tr___
Filmmaker De Laurentiis
US org. for bright students
401(k) alternative
[[IMAGE]](Fruit __pberry)
Syllable in oldies
Dom. Of Otto
Came to terms about
Expressions of uncertainty
Levels, in Toronto
Seventh Greek letter
Buffalo-D.C. dir.
Heart, lungs, kidneys etc (plural)
"Mad Men" network
Racks the pins again
Spending one's IRA, say
Product prefix meaning "durable"
Most fishes are cold-bloo___
Envelope that comes back, abbr.
Outer (prefix)
"I'll take ___ a compliment"