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Young haddock
Pep Boys purchase
Elevator ___
Letters over "0 0 0," when the game starts
Alley follower
Prized Himalayan cedar
Prevent legally
Islamic chieftains
Fill up
Nuke in 1979 news
"Price negotiable" letters
Soft, thin silk cloth
Mme., in Madrid
There were 39 for the Constitution
Rule as monarch
In need of ___ (tired)
California/Nevada lake
Tito Puente's specialty
Suffix denoting an occupation
Word before a noun in a phrase
In a funk
Donate, in Scotland
Option in a pajama party game (truth or ___)
"____ of New York" movie
Red pimples
Examines anew
Capital near Casablanca
Methuselah's father
Causing to turn
Listening device
Bend ___
Apartment window sign
Clock or cat lead-in
Rude person
Centric intro
Acid + alcohol yield
Born together
Indefinite periods of time
Shea Stad. athlete
Full of liveliness
Opp. of down
Use a broom
Colorful rug
Not that
Toulouse evening
NASA weather satellite
Aligns the crosshairs
Gibbon, for one
Tertiary period
Duelling swords
Highly intelligent
Free pardon
First name in eroticism
Stylish, from '60s
Downing Street distance
Small bovid
Angelo's stringed instrument
Uris hero ___ Ben Canaan
Naval officer
Grab a bite
Son of Aleta, in the comics
Majoli of tennis
"Andy Capp" cartoonist Smythe
Have being
Tin Tin starter
Wrist bones
Sequences of six balls in cricket
Two-year-old, unshorn sheep
Old beaker heaters
Ran amok

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