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Penultimate fairy tale word
Spacecraft designer ___ Musk
''Myra Breckinridge'' novelist
2008 Olympics tennis champion Dementieva
Italian rice dish
Ill-smelling, as meat
Like a neat lawn
Hydrocarbon suffixes
Handbag monogram
Some fish bait
"Don't be absurd!"
Eastern christian
Poe's "The Mystery of ___ Roget"
1953 Leslie Caron musical
Mashie and niblick
Charlie Chaplin's wife
Lofty works
Wheel on a spur
He wrote "The Yosemite"
Prefix with second
Aykroyd and Rather
Eastern caravan stopover
Royal wish
Not former
Lab procedure
Show time, in some ads
Red Sox legend Williams
2009 Sacha Baron Cohen comedy
Gr. letters
Passenger vehicles
TV output, briefly
One in the Louvre
Kenyan leader Mboya whom Obama called his "godfather"
"___ Flux" flick
Suit to ___
Potter's tool
Mornings, for short
Dundee denial
Family card game
Courtroom team: Abbr.
London district
___ tai (drink)
GOP rivals
Stretched across the globe
Small short necked river duck, or a bluish green
Jimmy who works with Lois Lane
Bookbinding leathers
It may finish second
That woman
Phalanx weapons
Barbershop sounds
Comics-page square
Online line
Bratislava native
Winter driving impairment
Run ___ of the law
Swedish money
Baby tender
Racer Yarborough
Low-___ diet
Geographical datum
High-profile hairdo
Words with ''move'' or ''cash''
Polynesian garment
Vardon Trophy org.
Cozy spot
Singer Seeger
Most-consumed fish in the United States
Husky vehicle
Take ___ (lose money)
Overwhelm, at a comedy club