Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (April 20th 2021) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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It's limited to one time in Dandy
A source of inspiration going around some chariot arena
No land in Long Island or Down?
A turning point in June and December for ground soils, etc.
A match for a heavyweight getting prison term, finally
One of those selling refreshments to half of those in 27 across and 23 down at school
All hell broke loose, as there's no metal in plate armour
Rejection in Brief Encounter is really rotten!
Appeals heard by 1 across and acted upon
Share out missing art and put up
Application draws attention to good books by small names
Study loud music at university in Donegal with Duff locally
Bring up James Joyce's story - expect the man upstairs will do this on the last day
The controversial issue of what's stolen by The Home Guard, for one?
Consider in a different light most of the actual engineering found in two ships
Those regulating and diluting the supply of liquids for drink orders
A person of note outside producing the numbers on the street
Director in Puerto Rico adapting first novel for print
To poke fun at Turtle primarily is so essential for the Mad Hatters!
Exhibition by 23 down appeals to those interested in the home of the future
Turns up in Calais sur-Mer in a state
Follow the money around university
What the conductor might have to do to accept responsibility
Giant of Italian Renaissance hasn't got one
He daren't cross supporter
Is fixated on criminal bosses joining Oriental society
A loud cuckoo flies over new dump
It's hell producing a heavenly body