Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 6th 2021) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Which state is associated with a fair amount of misery and the dark arts?
Friend of dancer is a fast mover
2 down found in 24 across and in The Louvre!
Mistakes bad kids starting off
Parcel for novice taken in by Kitty
'Sally's supposed to be clever and amusing' - coming from a comedian
Come down to earth with tramp's partner - the one charged with colleting the rent
Policeman loses head with jerks hanging out of the bar
Meeting all the requirements of one large review in The Magazine
Pranks produced by workers around institute and college
Record by composer on the radio
Fog coming off golf courses leads to stoppages
Regalia from Anglo-American fraudster
An historic romance, in a manner of speaking, produced by one of those in 1 down?
At the beginning and the end of Arabian Nights to a degree
He searched all over the place for Parmesan
Short viral phenomenon in Brazil reflects life of the bookmaker
Love /Hate it isn't?
Sid leaves Skid Row to take a job
Stop worrying over a French victory on first of December
Temporary trend from Spain from area on Camino, for one produced by shrink
For the most part, shipped out to laidback hotshot from one of the original Five Nations?
The gardener's drink of water (4'1,3)
Jockey cares not for one who ran his race long before him
They're all part of the drama for those ending wars getting rid of leadership
Holding up the barbecue with sides of devils on horseback
Typical school with a gents?
Alarming exercises for Irish men with energy taking practice sessions