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Fail to catch awful flu consuming doctor from Spain
They cause offence, in a manner of speaking, to Don getting bit of news in ship
Court decision primarily over row with Frenchman, the one responsible for damaging the deal
A fair amount of those in 22 across going to hen do with good books pledge to keep a promise
Firm at times wins a complicated job providing direction to a crew overseas
Those running the film studios took the spice out of Gospel music
Let off for first murder? It's an eye-opener begging your pardon!
Greek character, pronounced mean, opens tins of pepper
Imagine finishing off lightweight
Turns up, no teacher is around for old prayer
Like turncoats make do? I'll say!
A man training the birds from Merchants Market
National flags on both sides produced by Troubles
New halter visible on horse after race
Old coach gets 24 across to start signing players - the ones who don't live off the family's notoriety!
Dub welcomed back by office manager
Order fish starters in feeding frenzy - the ultimate
Get gold including valuable rock with the reduced patience that evaporated as the saying goes?
Parts of the play from a court - the ultimate in tennis
Can't get enough of popular material cut by one who is competent
Protesters remove poster from lounge
Basic Sky package found in all hospitals?
Say it's so? Emphatically at the start of 15 across on screen!
Hay from Himalayas or sausage from the deli?
Some rising tight-knit association of farmers - the type recognised by man of the cloth?
Strikingly unconventional engineering associated with toxic mixture
The most important American state it is said
The stud's line managers perhaps?

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