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Paddock newborn
Way off
Threaded fastener
Opposition member
Cheese with an edible rind
"Straight Up" singer Abdul
Roto-Rooter target
Like Roy Orbison's glasses
Pacific storm
Color similar to camel
Bill with an Eye of Providence
Knave of Hearts' theft
Some Serengeti grazers
Golden Gloves events
Came to prominence
Cornfield divisions
Image of a speeding Road Runner
Place to stack bales
Captive of Jabba the Hutt
Wears a long face
Tackle box item
Libraries do it
Drawn straws or cast pebbles
"Ghosts" playwright Henrik
Sponge out
Gave the heave-ho to
New Jersey city near Pennsylvania
Switch to another track
Carbon dating estimate
Potpie morsel
Raw bar offerings
Emotional wreck
Cart-drawing pair
Market online
Under any circumstances
Longish skirt
Sits for a spell
1981 Warren Beatty drama
"Knock it off!"
Almanac entry
SRO part
Perched on
On the verge of fainting
Can't stomach
Moving line on a weather map
It's about 1 percent argon
Patronize U-Haul
Places for book titles
Device on some drones, for short
Gossip's tidbit
Justice Kagan
Slogs across a stream
"Cut-throat" blades
Stable fare
Gestures to generals
Woodstock-era wear
Leaf-turning time
Drink with a polar bear mascot
Impish expression
Dead-end jobs
Reacts to a bad call
Give the heave-ho to
On the house
Keep tabs on
Krypton or Vulcan, in sci-fi
Cyclotron bits
Drives away
Many Craigslist users
Pole tossed by Scots
Type of shooting marble
Tablelike elevations
Pulled a swindle on, slangily
Maker of Aspire laptops
Numbered part of a freeway
Change the decor of
Manicure sound
Word after press or mess
Abbr. on some street signs

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