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Stands up to ugly sisters (7)
Houses students in horrible new digs (9)
Fellow loves putting extra heart into leading tea dance (7)
One having uncapped tranquilliser (5)
Old pals do get about with workers' association (7)
In favour of retreat after offer is vetoed (9)
Press one's right to finish point (4)
Ill at ease, having no more classes? (3,2,5)
Carrot's nice in stew, throwing in turnip top and swede at the end (9)
Ditched, having flown over island — no point coming back (10)
Picks clubs and hearts, having zero diamonds and spades (7)
Way to accommodate church's priest in charge, while remaining unconvinced (7)
Interfered with policemen and regretted hampering exercise (9)
Channel Islands' reservists take on key fortress (7)
Herbivorous animal's right at home with endlessly hot housing (5)
In for a language exam? (4)
Nomad swims regularly in watering hole (5)
Mean no holy man to enter (5)
Doctor on round longs to be amusing (5)
Fish seen around lake mean freezing weather (4,5)
Cornish resort has no new wharf (4)
Good call to bring in articles for meeting (9)
Browse and look round central part of library (5)
Left also goes ahead and fights manual workers' cases (9)
Introduce broadcast award for business (10)
Began task of getting doctor's old boat in river back working (8,2)
Sidestep a big hole (5)
Have a good look wearing half-glasses (7)
Much about future leader is up in the air (5)
Complete transformation of main coins (3,6)
Dazzle briefly, possessing instant and universal allure (7)
Longing to get first hole in one (4)

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