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Carol collects stuff for a bit
Period of time eating milk-soaked bread? On the contrary
Spy mother with vacuum perhaps
Tickle a playful feline
Lift chemical in two quart bottle
Britain's favourite drink is essentially hot water
Distinction of Nevadan city when unoccupied
Rocky islands in both directions
Group of left-wingers getting diarrhoea
Fear I must abandon growing situation in Bordeaux?
Drain noodle juice
Mostly pleased with Cup a Soup or fruit puree
While arsing around, cuddles Sharon?
Range of colours displayed by female friend?
Piece of Megane exhaust found in Clio, perhaps
Pervert already sat in a perverted manner
Head-hunter ignores Alabama for a bit
A row, not the first, in public sale
RAF crew are almost then involved in land battle
Stomach lining, note, can be thrown up
Stimulant found in 1 bed in 9
Washer women at home stopping behind after setback
Tart on romantic rendezvous admitting to sin in small flat
Go off with Greek character to get bullets, oddly, and transform difficult situation
I rib Smiths fans - it's a local custom
A whim to replace Conservative with fascist, ultimately with unpleasant consequences
Prince wearing sexier pants runs out
Seismologist's unfinished biscuit beginning to rot
Insect eaten by aggressive spider
Fed up with bottom of straggly beard

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