Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 29th 2021) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Formal document containing a Catholic's letter
Donation perhaps left in error
Plant stylish hedge
Crumpled banknote wrapped around a toxic food additive
One fleeced Al Capone, one conceded, when returning alcohol, primarily
Cleaner receives award from the queen in assembly room
Wipe out many years, say, when time drifts away
Do reports badly, leading to instruction to sell shares
Thailand's currency in difficulty
TV station expels new fashion designer
Bore pilot silly, which is novel
Teletubby twice to regret making comeback to make catchy music
Small three-wheeler beginning to roll forward
Spooner's crude technique that's used to send messages
Currencies firm for a long time
When to get son donkey
Lawless American agent held in custody at first
Inclination to drill until Thursday
Sensitive Conservative regularly dithers about thick-skinned individual
An Arabic drink knocked over in Asian city
Pothead captured in bust on Erraid
Black underpants supporting several balls - that's too much of a load
Toy weapon has unusual rings to crack safe
Fail to secure weapon? Not I - it can go off without reason
Heroes in fancy restaurant
A falling pound stops professional recess
Asian drunk discussed office worker
Streams silent movie star
Care for back
Head of Parlophone loves scat