Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 6th 2019) clues of The Sunday Crossword by Evan Birnholz crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 147 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Routine practice
Train in a ring
Isn't in the right?
Zapped, as with rays
Author Jong
Stew, so to speak
Like contortionists
Metal fan?
The first naturalized citizen from Africa to serve in Congress
Publisher of the Weekly Brainwave
Sass, briefly ... or, with a possible contestant on 115 Across, mournful piano piece?
Sample, as a red
Avatar of Vishnu ... or, with a possible contestant on 115 Across, crash into an Arctic mammal?
Narrow, as a rural road
Desired, with "for"
Raw, in a steakhouse
Like Garfield
"In the Beginning" band, aptly
Beech locations
Way off
Authorize, in a way
Natural fuel source
What people will
"The Mummy" beetles
Gaping hole
Officially give up
JFK inspection org.
It shows several sides
Civil War combatant
"It's only me"
"Gotta run"
"Leaving Las Vegas" Oscar winner, informally
Track figure
1984 Teena Marie album
Roo's protector
"Survivor" sites
Schemer of tragedy
Carmela's portrayer
Fluorescent tube filler
Fifth of fü¼nf ... or, with a possible contestant on 115 Across, jockey straps held by a Marxist revolutionary?
Less than 100 percent
Hazy image ... or, with a possible contestant on 115 Across, artist Yoko when she writes a publicity notice?
Most healthy
Made of separate parts
Lacking skill in
Cold sore relief brand
High school test fig.
Musical trio?
Politico Buttigieg
Assembly ___
Animated bus driver
Some deer
Branch of Judaism, e.g.
Simone of jazz
Charger or Colt, e.g.
Julia, in "Ocean's Eleven"
Reality music show that's illustrated literally four times in this puzzle
Based on deduction
"Becoming" writer, 2018
Banishes, as a college roommate during a hookup, in a modern portmanteau
Study, but not primarily
Like some passages
Examined carefully
Stimpy's cohort
Type of truck that stretches farther than a short variety does
Edges of fashion
René©e Fleming offering
Cold drink brand
Highland games cloth
Water park fixture
Old firehouse fixture
Remnant at a bonfire
"The greatest enemy that faith has," per Martin Luther
Isn't in the rite?
Dream state letters
It's parked on a bench
Fat-avoiding Jack
Hedy of "Boom Town"
Many moons
___ wave (curve in a calculus class)
"Frozen" character
Pass out in Vegas?
Make petty remarks
Not yet consumed
Oscar-winning Anna
Like a comfy pillow
Begin ___ (start over)
Meat seller
Privileged class
Your location now
Nintendo Wii insert
Bus map markings
Gray ___
For fear that
Parking lot barrier
Kingdom in a musical
Appears gradually
Beast of an epic poem
"Casino" director
Subject of many mid-2000s baseball articles
Be friendly, in a way
Ranch dude
Lancaster County folk
Title robot of film
"Gimme a ___"
Title chameleon of film
Gas-X rival
Villainous look
Settle down?
It comes after first
Atkins diet no-no
Home of the devils?
Operatic texts
"___ cost you!"
"The Family" director Besson
Prom style, often
Emulate Bunyan
Rabbit relatives
College applicant's fear
Starts, datewise
Sitting next to
Two-tone cookies
Tom and Jerry, e.g.
Elevator innovator
Not forgotten
Tissue in the throat
Sticker on a stem
"Allahu ___" ("God is the greatest")
Agency gent
An American in Paris
Detroit River outlet
Freedom from labor
Hoops coach Auriemma
Pro-___ (golf tourneys)
Insta posting
Polymeric molecule
Gay ___ (rights movement, briefly)
Strasbourg summer
Barrett of Pink Floyd